Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Interview: "I am funny" insists (begs) Why. Jee. Magendaran

Kabali Times caught up with yesteryear theater "actor" "comedian" Y.G.Mahendran for a tete-tete-te (er...) te.

Kabali Times: Hello Y.G! How are you doing?
YGM: I am doing. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ROTFL. That was a superb joke no. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
YGM: ha ha ha ha. Dont you think my joke was funny.
Kabali: ????
YGM: Well. I said, I am 'doing'. It was a joke. He he.. ha ha..
Kabali: I see that you have not changed a lot over the years. Don't you think you have a strong resemblance with Krish Srikkanth in terms of the clarity of your expression and delivery.
YGM: Thank you. It came naturally to me. I call it talent. ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha. did you see that joke talent. ha ha ha ha.
Kabali: Sir! Please it was not a compliment. At least have some basic level of intelligence to know when you are insulted. Thank you.
YGM: he he ... ha ha..
Kabali: We have a burning question, we'd like to ask you. Everybody in the country wants to know the answer to this.
YGM: So it is a matter of national importance.(laughs even more) Very good then ask.
Kabali: Before I ask this question. Can you answer a few background questions
YGM: I will answer backgound okay. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Kabali: ok...ay. sigh... How many movies have you acted?
YGM: Around 70 movies.
Kabali: How many stage shows have you done?
YGM: Around 20+
Kabali: How many TV dramas have you done?
YGM: around 3 or 4.
Kabali: Are you a comedy actor?
YGM: Why are you asking this. Weren't people rolling on the floor in laughter when I cracked those jokes at the beginning of the interview.
Kabali: Which people?
YGM: The thousands who are thronging to catch this interview live.
Kabali: Your mom is a retired principal. She has to love you out of compulsion. Even she wont watch it. The school principal may use this interview as a punishment for students. Seriously! Now I'll ask the burning question.
YGM: mmm...Go ahead.
Kabali: In the 70 movies, 20 dramas and 4 TV series, that you have participated as a "comedy" actor, can you tell us if you have cracked one, teeny weeny, single genuine joke that made at least one person even think of laughing.
YGM: What do you mean? My work has been enormously funny.
Kabali: Your work. Listen to me carefully. In all these 20 years, do people remember you for a single joke. Have you made anyone laugh at your joke instead of at you? Has anybody ever laughed, recalled or remembered a single joke that you have made in your entire career.
YGM: There are so many jokes. what do you mean? I was a successful comedy career.
Kabali: One joke please. Tell us that.
YGM: How about the one in Sakala-kala-vallavan.
Kabali: What joke?
YGM: The one where I wash the buffalo.
Kabali: Sigh... I couldnt distinguish you and the buffalo. I thought 2 of them were having sex. Dude! did you get those movie chances because you were related to Rajinikanth.
YGM: No.... my artistic intelligence and creativity got me those roles. In all speheres of life I have applied these attributes of mine.
Kabali: Is this the same crap you apply in your school when you unnecessarily intervene there.
YGM: Many students owe their success to me. Jai Hind.
Kabali: That ladies and gentlemen concludes the interview with India's most unfunny comedian. No one, I repeat no one has accomplished what YGM has done. He has managed 3 decades of comedy career that has not been marred by a single joke. Even Sidhu has spoken sense.. well actually not.. but you get the scale now. Not even by accident has he appeared funny. No mean achievement.

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