Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kabali Times: World Bathroom Day

PTI Reports via Kabali Times
On the backdrop of a stylishly tuned song by T.R, Suresh Raina, Visu, Arundhati Roy, Akhtar, and Barkha Dutt called 'All Fart and No Shit' - CIBA Pharma and Hallmark announced that World Bathroom Day will be celebrated starting this year. The exact date will not be announced. You will know it when you get a forwarded mail or a greeting card with a photo of a commode, a banana and a tablet specially prepared by CIBA. This day is meant to honor and recognize people who have severe constipation problems. On this day such people will 'burst out' their 'bottled up' 'feelings'. Mr. Adaisal, CEO while addressing the media said that Pharma companies, also, want to get into the *.day fun and start xyz_days that are medically uplifting.
The mode of personal greeting that is encouraged by the sponsors involve people walking up to their relatives/friends/parents with a constipated face and the moment they get near them they have to give a very relieved smile that ends with a sigh. Brothers are encouraged to buy yellow color sarees for their sisters on this day. Actor Ramarajan has kindly agreed to be the icon for this day. People will open their bathroom doors to outsiders, who are looking for a few moments of Peace and quiet. 'Manase Nee Relax Please' Book by Swami Sukhabodhananda will be provided in every bathroom.
'Vaada Vaada Veliye Vaada' Tamil Song and Shammi Kapoors 'Aa Aah Aa Jaa' Hindi song are theme songs for this day. Ideas on other regional language songs are invited by Mr. Adaisal. Negotiations are in progress to rope in Off Spring's song 'Come out and Play'.

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Blogger Guru Smaran said...

More theme songs:

1. Vaa... vaa... vasanthame (don't know the movie)
2. Aati nahin (from that Sanjay Kapoor and Tabu movie)
3. Chi chi chi (from Majaa)
4. Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja Aaja (from Disco Dancer)
5. Jor Lagaa (the bit song from Chor, the hindi version of Thiruda Thiruda. This song comes wen elephants fish out the container from under the water.)
6. Jai Ho (from Slumdog Millionaire. To be used when people come out successfully from the loo).

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